eCommerce Blockchain middleware

9/25/2021 Middleware – (Oracle) Is a software framework that connects API data to blockchain applications otherwise known as SmartContracts. Adapters: A specific api connection point used to authenticate data request to and from Oracle. After nearly two years of research and development we are nearing the point of bringing POBA to the market. Blockchain technology,…

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POBA Whitepaper

** June 16 2021. Onboarding customers. With over 1000+ POBA tagged products entering the public market within weeks. Vendor registration is live. WhitepaperRough draft v2Physical Object Blockchain Asset (POBA) is the process of tokenizing a hard asset to prove ownership and authenticity. This is achieved by minting a unique POBA NFT token and assigning it…

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Close to production stage

POBA UpdatesPOBA has successfully been deployed to Polygon blockchain mainnet where we intend to run POBA application into production. Developer troubleshooting and rigorous testing are being performed to ensure a bullet proof verification and distribution protocol. Many merchants, vendors, software developers, crypto fans, artist, brokers, testing centers and more have been contacting POBA with great…

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P is for Polygon

Yes! It’s official. Polygon (Matic) is our choice of blockchain. We have decided to deploy POBA smartcontracts to $MATIC network to provide the economical NFT solutions our customers are looking for. Say goodbye to $20 NFT minting fees! Those days are finally over! POBA dApp and user interface is still under construction. POBA app will…

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How to test app

How to test POBA Steps to verify POBA Key1. Go to pobatag.com2. Select Verify Poba Key3. Open MetaMask and change network to MATIC4. Manually add to “connected sites”5. Enter license key. *POBA keys can only be used once. Demo POBA KeysPOBAiitlir2020 | Token /Order ID: 976POBArefott2020 | Token /Order ID: 975POBAmgaagu2020 | Token /Order…

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Features currently being worked on to improve POBA dApp.

  • MetaMask Iphone mobile support
  • MetaMask Android mobile support
  • Update MetaMask for Desktop Browsers
  • Web Based NFC reader
  • Vendor Account Registration
  • Oracle Selection
  • Detailed pricing page
  • Vendor Contract Deployment
  • External Adapter setup guide
  • How it works page
  • FAQ Page