How to test app

Go to Select Verify Poba Key Go to MetaMask and change network to Kovan Testnet Right click the top right cicle and go to “connected sites” Manually add to metamask. Enter license key. (License keys can only be used once and are prepaid, pre generated for demo purposes) POBAiitlir2020 | Token /Order ID:…

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Yes it works….

oracle running – check adapter running – check contract deployed kovan – check Data fulfillment with payment- check Mint Token – check dapp interface – check directory view all – check metamask – missing any metamask pros?

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Conflux Hackathon End Results

Conflux Hackathon Gitcoin Hackathon results didn’t go as planned. There were issues with compiling solidity contracts using the conflux ide. Developer issues like :*api credentials not being received from Docker container correctly. Deploying erc777 token to represent link token on conflux network deploying poba consumer contract to call oracle and return api data. deploying poba…

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Conflux Hackathon

Hacking Decentralized CommerceNov 2, 2020 – Nov 22, 2020Day 1. Hackathon focus:    A. NFTS, Payments, Core Infrastructure    B. Conflux network integration with Chainlink framework, AAVE and other partners.  FS Objectives:NFTS ( POBA, Physical Object Blockchain Asset), Payments (AAVE asset pools as payment gateways) Core Infrastructure ( decentralized marketplace with integrated seller/buyer asset management, staking, group investment portfolios,…

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POBA Concept Revised11/4/2020Physical Object Blockchain Asset (POBA) is the process of tokenizing a hard asset to prove ownership and authenticity. This is achieved by minting a unique POBA NFT token and assigning it to a hard asset on a blockchain network. POBA provides individuals and industries a low-cost tamper-proof asset tracing and validating system for…

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Oct 21

Based and reporting. Oracles spun centralized database up and running, temporary until we find a better solution. Conflicts with Cloudflare access and Oracle request push further testing. Fine grained security parameters are being deployed. Reliability issues with ETH testnets makes me wonder if I am sparing myself the agony by just testing on the mainnet….

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Features currently being worked on to improve POBA dApp.

  • MetaMask Iphone mobile support
  • MetaMask Android mobile support
  • Update MetaMask for Desktop Browsers
  • Web Based NFC reader
  • Vendor Account Registration
  • Oracle Selection
  • Detailed pricing page
  • Vendor Contract Deployment
  • External Adapter setup guide
  • How it works page
  • FAQ Page