Chainlink plush collectors cube. Limited edition only 1000 produced!


Gold Series Cubes represent the 3rd tier of the cubes and represent only POBA mints 101-350. This line will be the middle series of the cubes and offer one of the most economical entry points, while also preserving tremendous value long term.

Each cube is made with premium materials, 100% embroidered designs and comes in a Chainlink Cube box that serves as an additional collectors item.  Each cube has a unique QR code that can be scanned to mint custom NFT and record to blockchain official mint/manufacturing number of your Link Cube!

NFT’s come with custom 3D Animated Image of your Link Cube with custom mint number used to authenticate and validate rarity of each cube.  The lower the mint number the more valuable we anticipate the cube and associated NFT to be.

NFT’s are minted “Gas Free” using Chainlink’s VRF and NFT services on Polygon and include 4 different series (Alpha, Platinum, Gold & Silver).  Alpha Series is for POBA Mint #’s 1-25, Platinum 26-100, Gold 101-350, Silver 351-999.  Initially we have set base prices for each of the series and will have them adjust as stock supply diminishes.  This creates additional value for earlier minted/purchased cubes, and promotes increased value as final cubes are sold. No cubes are being reserved by creators, and all available/minted cubes can be tracked via our NFT Board.

Each series will be sold in phases, total of 16, based on percentage of available inventory.  Alpha phase will be sold in 10% inventory quantities, Platinum in 20% inventory quantities, Gold in 26% inventory quantities and Silver in 30% inventory quantities.  There is a limit of 1 cube per series per transaction.  This simply prevents a single entity from coming and buying all the cubes at one time and giving all a fair chance to buy.  Other than that, there are no purchasing restrictions other than current available phase quantity at current price.  Lastly, pricing will never adjust down moving forward, the current price listed will always be the lowest price available.

Each purchase includes 6″x6″x6″ Chainlink Plush Cube with custom POBA QR Code, Matching High Quality Box with instructions for minting NFT after purchase, as well as 3D rotating NFT with custom mint number visible within artwork.

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