What is a POBA token?

POBA tokens are trade-able, non-fungible erc-721 ethereum tokens we named POBA short for; Physical. Object. Blockchain. Asset. Similar to other NFTs’ each POBA token is unique and cannot be duplicated. POBA tokens contain a serialized #, license, serial key or unique numeric ID to represent a retailers product and or a customers purchase.

POBA offers cryptographic solutions for retailers and manufactures that automatically and seamlessly enable companies to provide their customers the best in product identification, verification and anti-counterfeiting capabilities.

What makes it special?

-POBA tokens are created in a on-demand environment saving vendors the requirement of minting and storing 100s of NFT tokens prior to a sale. 
-POBA tokens require authorization from product vendor APIs prior to creation. 
-Data request fulfilled by off-chain APIs, is the data encoded onto a POBA token in a one-time verification process.
-POBA WordPress Plugin. Provides merchants a plug in play way to integrate POBA
-Ethereum non-fungible erc721 tokens cannot be cloned or hacked.
Additional capabilities such as multi point API verification or automating wholesale re-stock orders based on supplier origin real time currency or market index rates.

Vendor Sign-up

Protect your market and your customers with the ultimate anti-counterfeit solution.

POBAtag.com offers a variety of product packaging labels, stickers, NFC chips, QR code and RFID asset tracking tools to work in tandem with POBA dApp. Check out our POBA “tag” store for your companies products or product packaging ID labels.