Yes! It’s official. Polygon (Matic) is our choice of blockchain. We have decided to deploy POBA smartcontracts to $MATIC network to provide the economical NFT solutions our customers are looking for. Say goodbye to $20 NFT minting fees! Those days are finally over!

POBA dApp and user interface is still under construction. POBA app will be active and available for use during development. We encourage users to provide feedback, test results, suggestions and ideas.

To test POBA dApp without having to purchase a POBA tagged product here are some sample poba keys to mint a POBA token.

Mainnet Sample Keys:

POBAacugrf2020 (Mind Art Digital Collection) DEMO

001110-1 (Serialized watch) DEMO

001110-2 (Serialized watch) DEMO

123456789 (FourSwords T-Shirt) DEMO

POBAelccct2020 (Space Man Digital Art) DEMO

To test app you can also “purchase” a item listed on market for free. After order is completed you will receive a license key on your completed order invoice. Once key is activated you can use provided key to call oracle and request POBA token.

For assistance, questions and customer inquiry please email us at