POBA / LinkMerch

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/matic/

Network: Polygon

Please ensure you wallet is set to Polygon/Matic, then click “Connect”

Step 1. Verify product POBA key

Enter your POBA enabled product serial number. This is either a QR code, RFID Tag, key or visible Serial Number. If you have a QR Code, you can select the “Scan QR” button below.

Step 2. Verify Merchant Key

Enter your Merchant License Key number. This would be located in an email you received with your order confirmation.

Button is Locked

Step 3. Mint POBA

After you have completed the verification process for your POBA license and LinkMerch order number, you are ready to mint your NFT by selecting the “Mint” button below. You will know you are ready to mint because the “Button is Locked” message will be gone.