How to test POBA

Steps to verify POBA Key

1. Go to
2. Select Verify Poba Key
3. Open MetaMask and change network to MATIC
4. Manually add to “connected sites”
5. Enter license key.
*POBA keys can only be used once.

Demo POBA Keys

POBAiitlir2020 | Token /Order ID: 976
POBArefott2020 | Token /Order ID: 975
POBAmgaagu2020 | Token /Order ID: 973
POBArcommr2020 | Token /Order ID: 933
POBAofrcnn2020 | Token /Order ID: 970
POBAolgrgo2020 | Token /Order ID: 932

License Key will trigger oracle to call ecommerce api and confirm. Upon successful verification the “Mint” button will become unlocked and enable option to create POBA token using order ID # as token ID #.