Middleware – (Oracle) Is a software framework that connects API data to blockchain applications otherwise known as SmartContracts.

Adapters: A specific api connection point used to authenticate data request to and from Oracle.

After nearly two years of research and development we are nearing the point of bringing POBA to the market. Blockchain technology, oracle technology has improved significantly over the past two years and with passing time comes increased confidence in our ability to provide truly reliable, efficient and cost effective decentralized solutions.

Our first version of POBA consisted of using the WordPress ecommerce store on this website to create orders and deliver NFT tokens to customers. To do this we created a custom Chainlink adapter configured to call woocommerce and retreive order transaction numbers.

Our second version of POBA has a custom created Chainlink adapter that will now offer any existing online store running the following platforms to instantly, anonymously and securely connect to POBA. Provide your customers a guarantee of authenticity with blockchain tokenization and the latest in anti-counterfeit technology. Customize your token options. Eliminate counterfeit market losses and protect your reputation with the best.

The following ecommerce platforms are currently supported:

Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Amazon, Prestashop.

Ecommerce platforms coming soon:

Ebay, Wix, Etsy, Square, Squarespace