Hacking Decentralized CommerceNov 2, 2020 – Nov 22, 2020

Day 1. 
Hackathon focus:
    A. NFTS, Payments, Core Infrastructure
    B. Conflux network integration with Chainlink framework, AAVE and other partners.  

FS Objectives:
NFTS ( POBA, Physical Object Blockchain Asset), Payments (AAVE asset pools as payment gateways) Core Infrastructure ( decentralized marketplace with integrated seller/buyer asset management, staking, group investment portfolios, market ownership options + built in P2P contract creation and deployment and POBA asset tracking system.

Conflux network integrations solve numerous developmental road blocks previously preventing a usable merchant to customer universal asset, anti counterfeiting and decentralized management system.

Conflux integrations include transaction sponsorship, cross-chain asset management and built in vendor staking. 
Chainlink oracles provide all offchain data being collected at each stage of automation and authentication built into a decentralized, cross chain defi ecommerce marketplace framework.  

AAVE provides shared marketplace liquidity in the trading of physical goods being purchased with cryptocurrency. FS platform will be a crypto only user managed marketplace that is owned and managed by the marketplace merchants who use the platform.

FS will combine multiple oracle APIs to automate and monitor marketplace operations and data which will follow strict onchain logic to determine best course of action in expected and unexpected transaction based outcomes without requiring human support. 

Example Oracle data request:
POBA asset token creation & verification data fulfillment
Shipping & tracking API completed orders data fulfillment
Real-time asset price monitoring
Staking and Payment distribution
Cross chain compatibility
SMS notification systems 2FA security

Key Features:
Transaction sponsorship, Prepaid NFT (POBA) creation & verification
Seller staking integrated marketplace banking and asset management framework
Marketplace operational cross-chain bridges